we are a company that started thru passion for rare exotic woods.
as by chance I was talking to a friend who said his father deals with such wood in Mexico ,this was the start of what you see here on this website .
we got together and with hardwork we have created what we think is a very special company we are fortunate to love what we do and this shows in all we do within the company .

we like talking to our customers and unlike most companies we dont use answer machines we give you our personal numbers to call us direct we treat you as friends and we think this is the best way to do business ,

we understand that our clients are international and sometimes we can get calls in the middle of the night we are happy whatever time you call , we look forward to chatting with you and hopefully a long friendship .

the team 




James Kean_Photo.jpg

my name is James kean i am the managing director and designer of hardwood designs , welcome to our website and our company .
i have been interested in wood since an early age but thru the years my path took me in a different direction , finally after many years im here talking to you about what i have a passion for rare exotic wood and design these 2 interests are ideal to bring stunning rare wood and design together to make art .im available anytime if you want to have a talk about a project you may have or you want a special piece of wood maybe to make your own work of art im more than happy to help you in anyway i can . please feel free to call me and if your in Dubai your most welcome to come see myself and our team ,
i hope you enjoy what we have on our website we look forward to having you as a client and a friend for years to come